Racine County

Neighbors react to small plane crash

CREATED Sep 9, 2012

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KANSASVILLE - The crash has been hard for people on the ground the comprehend.

"I saw orange and then it got really hot and I ran out of the bedroom and my whole garage was on fire," a witness near the crash site says.

The 22-year-old woman had just left her garage minutes before a single-engine Beechcraft Bonanza crashed into it. She didn't want to be identified, but recounted the frightening moments in the backyard of her Kansasville home near Eagle Lake.

"There was nothing [but a ball of fire]," the woman recounted. "I wouldn't have even guessed it was a plane at first."

Neighbor Loren Babe was standing in his backyard when he heard the plane struggle overhead.

"I looked up and saw it was coming straight down and took off running," Babe says.

It crashed and almost immediately disintegrated less than 30 yards from when Babe had been.

"I could feel the heat on my back as I was getting pelted," Babe says.

The explosion was so intense it sent pieces of the plane into Babe's yard. People are even finding debris up to two blocks away.

"Fifty feet one way or the other and it would have hit any of these houses," Babe says.

Neighbors whose houses surround the crash site say they feel lucky to be alive.

"It's definitely put a new perspective on life."