Sheboygan man accused of blackmailing teen online for sex

CREATED Sep 6, 2012

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SHEBOYGAN- Sheboygan County prosecutors say Dalton Vandeloo is at it again.

The 21-year-old allegedly blackmailed a woman online, in exchange for sex.  He spent 90 days in jail in 2010, for a similar charge.

"He's a very smart person and committed a very significant, disgusting, disturbing act," said Sheboygan County Assistant District Attorney Joel Urmanski.

Vandeloo allegedly started messaging a 19-year-old on Facebook under an alias, asking the teen for nude photos in exchange for money.

"She decided that she would do that because she could use the money and didn't think it would go anywhere," said Urmanski.

But after receiving the pictures, Vandeloo threatened to send them to the girl's family unless he received even more explicit ones.

The demands escalated, until Vandeloo allegedly ordered the girl to go to a house on North 22nd Street for sex.  After several encounters, the girl called police who set up a sting operation, and arrested Vandeloo who was hiding on the roof.

Urmanski said, "Because she did report it, we not only seized his computer and stopped him from doing this to her, but we found out that he reached out to a number of other girls and did the same thing, including a juvenile."

Vandeloo has been charged with 10 felonies, including possession of child porn.  Prosecutors hope to use him as an example to other predators.

"We'll find you, we'll get you and you'll be treated with the fullest extent of the law if you commit these kinds of acts," Urmanski said.