Oak Creek shooting

Police Lt. Murphy faces long road after shot at Sikh Temple

CREATED Aug 29, 2012 - UPDATED: Aug 29, 2012

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OAK CREEK - "He's a very strong person," said Oak Creek Police Chief John Edwards about Lt. Brian Murphy, a hero who nearly lost his life to save others.

Murphy was shot at least eight times during the Sikh Temple massacre earlier in August.

He has now gone home for his recovery.

"He has pretty severe injuries to his hands, so his hands are cast," said Edwards.

Murphy also has a severe injury to his throat.

Edwards said Murphy can whisper, but cannot talk.

"After what he went through, just to be home and be able to recover helps a great deal."

The journey home was one to remember.

Dozens of officers lined the hospital hallway and cheered as Lt. Murphy walked out.

"He looks fantastic.  He had his hands up.  Even though they're in casts, he was fist-bumping everybody as he walked down the line," said Edwards.

It was initially unclear whether Murphy would be able to return to the job.

"That would be fantastic (if he did)," exhorted Edwards.

"Should he not because of the injuries, that maybe something could happen?  That's not something we're worried about right now.  We just want him to get better, whatever the outcome is."

Murphy has expressed gratitude for all the support he's received here and across the world.

Edwards expressed his, for the dedicated police force.

"On how he handled the situation, (what) all the officers did, I'm so proud of them all, including Brian.  He's a hero."