Oak Creek shooting

'Was this a madman?..Did he hate us for our appearance?' among questions from Sikh believer

CREATED Aug 5, 2012

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OAK CREEK - "Was this a madman?  Was this a guy who flipped?  Did he hate us for our appearance?"

These are among the questions gripping congregants at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin after seven people, including a shooter, were killed there Sunday morning.

"This is beyond comprehension," said one congregant to TODAY'S TMJ4's Tom Murray.  "There is no consolation into any of this."

He said he was not experiencing anger, but mass confusion about the key question of why?"

"No, not anger.  I don't think anybody's here.  We're just confused.  Was this a random act?  Was this because of the way we look?"

He explained that some people may confuse Sikh believers with militant and radical Muslims who they perceive as a threat.

According to the congregant, that is not the belief of Sikhs.

"In our Holy Book, it says, 'Don't hate anybody.  God is without hate or fear.'  We don't hate anybody."

He said that he was going to continue worshiping at that temple, and that "I don't think anyone in our congregation is afraid to go back."