Ted Nugent stumps for Tommy Thompson, talks guns in Sturtevant

CREATED Jul 26, 2012 - UPDATED: Jul 26, 2012

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STURTEVANT- Rock star Ted Nugent came to town to campaign for former governor and Republican U.S. Senate candidate Tommy Thompson on the heels of controversial comments about the Colorado shooting.

Nugent was in Sturtevant for a Thompson rally, and the Second Amendment took center stage -- just a day after Nugent said what happened in Colorado could have been different if the audience had guns of their own.

Ted Nugent got the crowd going at a campaign rally for Tommy Thompson Thursday.  But the outspoken rocker is rocking the boat after tweeting about the Colorado shooting, "...we SALUTE the brave warriors who saved lives IF only they would hav had a good gun."

Thompson stopped short of saying he agreed.  "I don't know, let's wait until we get the facts in this case"

But Thompson does back what Nugent believes about the right to bear arms.

"He writes about it and talks about it so if you're going to have Ted Nugent here you've got to believe in the Second Amendment which I do," said Thompson.

And Nugent made no apologies.  Topic number one when he got on stage: guns.

He told the excited crowd, he wants to have his, he wants them to have theirs and he doesn't want anyone getting in the way of that.

It's a message that hit the right note with many in the crowd.

"If they come for my guns, they better bring theirs," said Dave Ancinec.

According to Tony Sanfelipo, "Just like Ted Nugent says, the Second Amendment is my permit to carry a gun."

Nugent wanted the crowd to know Thompson is the guy he wants to back it up.

"He knows that the right to keep and bear arms can only mean one thing.  Keep means it's mine and you can't have it," argued Nugent.

Nugent didn't take any questions after the rally.  He was also in town to perform at the Racine County Fair.