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Wanggaard won't file recall suit; Democrats control Wisconsin Senate

CREATED Jul 9, 2012 - UPDATED: Jul 10, 2012

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RACINE - The Racine State Senate recall race is finally over, and the balance of power in the Senate is now in the hands of Democrats.

Former Racine GOP State Senator Van Wanggaard, who lost to Democratic challenger John Lehman by about 800 votes, has chosen not to file a lawsuit about the recall election.

The Democrats now control the State Senate, 17-16, after Republicans had control of the Senate during most of 2011 and part of 2012.

“Despite pleas from around the state to challenge the election, it is not in the best interests of Racine, or Wisconsin, at this time," said Wanggaard.

However, he said "I will be a candidate for the 21st Senate District at the next election. As General Douglas MacArthur once said, 'I shall return.'"