16-year-old Waukesha boy accused of sharing child pornography

CREATED Aug 22, 2014

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WAUKESHA - As students prepare to return for another school year at Waukesha South High School, police are trying to determine if a 16 year old should be behind bars.

Court papers revealed school leaders received notification images of young girls were available and being viewed by classmates in a Dropbox account. It’s an online file sharing software. Police determined more than 30 photos showed racy images.

“He solicited these photographs from these women then not only kept them to himself but then shared them,” explained Captain Ron Oremus, with the Waukesha Police Department.

Oremus told the I-Team some of the images were clearly exposed underage girls. The investigation determined the pictures included pornographic pictures of some current and former female students.

When asked if this 16 year realized he was committing a crime Oremus said, “My belief he knew exactly what he was doing.”

Police say the boy requested the images from the girls then once he received them made them available online for his friends to gawk at.

“If they look at those images and they learn something on there is illegal and they don’t report it they are just as culpable for possession if they don’t report it,” said Oremus.

Court papers obtained by the I-Team show the images found online were also found on the teens’ cell phone. Police are still trying to identify some of the girls.

“You can see how quickly data can share,” said Oremus.

While investigators try to piece together this disturbing child porn investigation they’re asking teenagers to think twice before sending anything.

“This is the day we live in. We need to cautious with the materials we share with others,” explained Oremus.

The 16 year-old boy could get expelled. He could also face charges of possession and distribution of child porn.

The investigation started at the end of the last school year and is still open months later.