Campbellsport teen facing charges for allegedly stealing, driving school bus

CREATED Jun 7, 2012 - UPDATED: Jun 7, 2012

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CAMPBELLSPORT- A Campbellsport teenager takes a wild ride in a stolen school bus -- and he's not even old enough to drive.

It's a story where police are simply thankful no one was hurt.

A teen stole a school bus and took it on a late night ride through two counties.

Investigators have an interesting case on their hands after a 15-year-old Campbellsport boy ended up behind the wheel of a school bus.

Late Tuesday night, the teen reportedly ran away from a Fond du Lac shelter and was trying to find a place to stay for the night.

Police maintain the teen traveled more than a mile to get to a Johnson bus terminal.  The company's general manager says the boy broke into the office, snatched some keys off the wall, found a bus, and took off.

The teen traveled more than 30 miles before driving right into another Johnson bus terminal, this one in West Bend.

"West Bend police received a call from a resident who lived in the area of Johnson School Bus. He reported he heard an audible alarm going off," said Lt. Richard Lucka of West Bend police.

When police arrived, they found the boy still in the bus.  Authorities in Fond du Lac say the teen told them he was careful -- stopping at each railroad crossing along the way.

Police in West Bend wouldn't say much more about the teen's trek.

"The only thing I'll say is that he was very cooperative with the investigation," said Lt. Lucka.

The teen reportedly is battling mental illness and has what police call an extreme fascination with school buses.  It's likely he'll be charged with operating a vehicle without the owner's consent.