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Gov. Walker hopes to mend political fences after recall election

CREATED Jun 7, 2012

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MILWAUKEE - Two days after the recall election, there are still deep-seeded hard feelings when it comes to politics in Wisconsin.  Governor Walker says he's going to mend fences as fast as he can.

Walker told TODAY'S TMJ4's Live at Daybreak that it hasn't always been so divided in Wisconsin.

"I was in the Assembly years ago.  A lot of my great friends weren't just Republicans.  They were Democrats," he claimed.  

Walker expressed that working together doesn't mean compromising principles.

"This doesn't mean that we don't have strong beliefs, but there should be a way that we get along.  On issues where there is common ground, we should be able to work together."

The governor has planned a "beer and brats" summit as a way to start to try and bridge the gap between Republicans and Democrats.

He may have more need to work with Democrats if the unofficial results of the Senate recall election in Racine hold up.

Former Senator John Lehman, a Democrat, had about an 800 vote lead on incumbent Republican Van Wanggaard after all the votes have been counted.

If Lehman holds on and wins, the Democrats would take control of the Senate by a 17-16 margin.

Should Wanggaard demand a recount? 

"I haven't looked at all the particulars, so I'll leave that up to the candidates...I think lawmakers in both parties, no matter what happens in Racine County, are ready to move on," said Walker.