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Election official: turnout 'going to be very, very high'

CREATED Jun 5, 2012

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MILWAUKEE - The polls have been busy all across Southeastern Wisconsin and the entire state on the day of an historic gubernatorial recall election.

In Milwaukee, "there are lines at all of our polling sites" said Milwaukee Election Commissioner Sue Edman.

"If it continues as we think it will, it is going to be very, very high...from what I'm hearing, the wait is anywhere between 20 and 30 minutes."

She says that voters who don't want the long lines in the later p.m. hours before the polls close at 8:00 p.m. may want to come in the early afternoon.

"If you get a chance to vote this afternoon, when we expect a lull in activity, it might be a good time to go."

High turnout in Milwaukee County was anticipated to be a good sign for Democratic candidate Tom Barrett, who is Milwaukee's mayor.

It was the same across the state, including Waukesha County - a typical stronghold of support for incumbent Republican Scott Walker.

"We're hearing reports of strong voter turnout.  I got a report out of Oconomowoc; it took an hour to get through the line at 7:15 a.m." said the Government Accountability Board's Reid Magney.

It was speculated that turnout could rise as high as 65 percent of registered voters in Wisconsin.