Some MPS students taken to polling stations, vote on field trips

CREATED Jun 1, 2012

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MILWAUKEE- Thousands of absentee ballots have been cast around the state ahead of the recall election.

But not everyone is happy with who's showing up at the polls.

More than two dozen students from Pulaski High School, an MPS school, were bussed to the Zeidler Municipal Building on a civics field trip last Friday and then voted for the first time.

And some people are asking if that was appropriate.

Teachers can schedule, and some did, a trip that would allow kids to vote for the first time.

TODAY'S TMJ4 received a letter at the station from someone who witnessed the Pulaski kids voting and asked, "Should that be happening during school hours on the tax payer dollar?"

MPS officials say the voting was strictly by the book and MPS officials were assured the students were not swayed to vote for any particular candidate.

MPS's Roseann St. Aubin told TODAY'S TMJ4 it's not clear if any MPS schools have participated in voting on a field trip before.