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Walker, Barrett continue debate over Wisconsin jobs numbers

CREATED May 30, 2012

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MILWAUKEE- A new poll shows some new numbers on the hottest debate in Wisconsin's recall election.

The number one issue for voters is jobs.  Both candidates have hammered the issue with Governor Scott Walker saying Wisconsin is gaining jobs with Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett saying the state is losing jobs

So who do you believe?  Is Wisconsin gaining or losing jobs?  Walker's TV ad says: "Mayor Barrett, he said this election was about jobs.  I couldn't agree more. Our reforms are working."

Barrett's TV ad says: "Because we can't do over Scott Walker's decision to wage a civil war and cause Wisconsin to lose more jobs than any other state."
A poll by the Marquette University Law School offers some context.  38% say there are more jobs now compared to a year ago. 30% say fewer.  Two weeks ago, in the same poll only 20% of voters said more jobs.  A dramatic 18 point shift.

"We just listen to what people tell us they are going to do," said visiting Marquette Professor Charles Franklin.

He is the man behind the poll.  While Walker appears to have a lead, Franklin believes this race will come down to one thing -- turnout!

"That's why this turnout game is so incredible important -- that's where differences could arise."

And as both candidates try to close the deal with voters, the debate over jobs will continue. 

"We continue to have a plan that helps business like this and others across the state add more jobs," said Walker

"The numbers still show Wisconsin is the only state in the country that lost jobs," said Barrett.