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Marquette poll: Walker leads Barrett 52 to 45 percent

CREATED May 30, 2012 - UPDATED: May 30, 2012

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MILWAUKEE - The newest version of the Marquette University Law School poll says that Scott Walker has a 52-45 lead over Tom Barrett in the race for governor.

The incumbent Republican had a six percent lead on the Democratic challenger and Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett in the previous version of the poll.

Poll director Charles Franklin says it's similar to the six point Walker lead in a similar survey two weeks ago, and that points to "stability" in the numbers.

Franklin says the small change basically means that voters made up their minds long ago.  "The campaign itself doesn't seem to be fundamentally altering voters differences very much, but that's why this turnout game is so important."

Barrett's campaign put out a statementchallenging the accuracy of the numbers.

Each of them face off in a recall election on June 5th.