Eyewitnesses detail rowdy behavior along North Avenue Sunday evening

CREATED May 28, 2012 - UPDATED: May 28, 2012

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  • Video by wtmj.com

  • Video by wtmj.com


MILWAUKEE- Some people got rowdy after Milwaukee County sheriff's deputies shut down Lincoln Memorial Drive and cleared out Bradford Beach on Sunday.

As that crowd of mostly teens heading home, witnesses told TODAY'S TMJ4 a few teens got rowdy.  Some of the teens picked up patio furniture from Whole Foods on North Ave. and Prospect Ave -- and by the time they got to a McDonald's blocks away, some punches were thrown.  

"There were cars stopping, yelling at the kids, telling them to stop; one man said stop fighting stop fighting they kept on fighting," said eyewitness Allen Miller.  "Other kids were trying to pull them apart. They just would not stop."

Police shut down businesses including the McDonald's after several of those fights broke out inside.  Allen Miller couldn't believe the mayhem he witnessed.  "There were tables and chairs (being thrown), food throwing a big fight.  Cops went in there, they were dancing on the table and they maced them in the back," recalled Miller.

That group continued down North Avenue with police right behind them. 

Officers did not want see repeat of last July as teens ransacked the BP Station on North and Humboldt after a large crowd left the lakefront fireworks.  Those teens later attacked people in a nearby park.  But witnesses say while the crowd was huge, police had a better control of the situation.

"There was a bunch of cops cars, motorcycle cops, horse backs and the lights went on they went down that way," said Allen Miller.

Police are reviewing the chaos captured on McDonald's cameras.

McDonald's officials told TODAY'S TMJ4 that no one was arrested there.