Drivers cruising down Calhoun Road in Brookfield

CREATED May 23, 2012 - UPDATED: May 23, 2012

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BROOKFIELD- Some people move away from the city to slow things down.

But one Brookfield street is racing with speeders. 

It's a neighborhood of large front lawns -- and a lot of families.  Calhoun Road, just north of Capitol Drive in Brookfield is a stretch of street with a 35 mile per hour limit.

But even that seems faster than is wise to Ross Hauswirth.

He just moved here from the slightly less speedy town of Jackson.

"It's much quieter in the Jackson area as compared to -- Calhoun," said Hauswirth.

Speedbusters set up with the radar gun in the parking lot of a church.

The same place Hauswirth says police run radar.  And Speedbusters quickly -- saw the problem.

On a two-lane road with no shoulder, those kinds of speeds can be dangerous.  As well as making simple daily tasks difficult.  "Getting the mail can be sometimes difficult achievement, exiting in the morning to go to work..." said Hauswirth.  "I'll be waiting sometimes 2, 3 minutes at a time just to go to work in the morning."

It's so bad -- Ross has reservations about letting his kids go to the park because the cars that speed past don't even slow down for kids.  He fears that attitude -- is going to get someone hurt.