Reward offered in case of Campbellsport girl struck by arrow

CREATED May 22, 2012 - UPDATED: May 23, 2012

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MILWAUKEE - The Fond du Lac Sheriff's Department has offered a reward of $500 for any information on the suspect responsible for shooting an arrow and injuring a seve-year-old girl from Campbellsport.

Doctors call the girl a "bundle of strength."

The girl's mother is talking about her daughter's amazing ordeal.

The mother is thankful her daughter is alive, but she's also frustrated, knowing this could have been much worse.

Aryanna Schneeberg was pierced in the back Sunday by that arrow.  On Tuesday night, she's making good progress, even walking.  But, there's still a long recovery ahead.

"I screamed," said Laura Schneeberg, talking about the arrow striking her daughter.  "I (saw) it, she was on the sidewalk right in front of our house."

Laura says her little girl is scared and in pain.  "She told us she's mad because she wants to know why this happened to her when she didn't do anything wrong."

The arrow head is one used for target practice.  A CT scan shows where it entered in Aryanna's back.  Its very very rare to have an arrow injury, I've never seen it," said Dr. John Densmore of Children's Hospital.  "It sliced her spleen, stomach and several other organs before stopping in her liver."

The doctor said Aryanna is incredibly lucky to be alive.  "Had we changed the trajectory of that arrow by as little as two centimeters this could have been a very bad outcome."

Investigators don't believe Aryanna was the target of the arrow, but they still don't know who shot it.

They confiscated a bow and arrows from a man who lives along the arrow's apparent path for testing at the crime lab.

Someone who is likely one of Laura's neighbors.  One she's not happy with.

"You're not supposed to shoot a bow in town but someone was doing it and they know they were doing it at the time that all the sirens started going off and for them not to come say something is ridiculous," said Laura Schneeberg.

Meanwhile, Aryanna Schneeberg is expected to spend the next week or two recovering in the hospital.