Wisconsin Supreme Court suspends attorney Bridget Boyle

CREATED May 23, 2012

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  • Bridget Boyle. | Photo: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

MADISON -The State Supreme Court has suspended a prominent Milwauke-area defense attorney.

Bridget Boyle was accused of 11 different counts, including accusations she did not get back to clients in a timely manner, did not return their legal fees and did not file papers in their cases. 

Boyle was also accused of not cooperating with the investigation into her actions. 

She has been suspended for 60 days and ordered by the state's highest court to pay $5,000 restitution plus court costs.

Boyle told me she has no comment and is in the hospital being treated for a severe medical issue so her recovery is her priority.

She was disbarred by the federal courts earlier this year. 

She is the daughter of Gerry Boyle, another prominent defense attorney in Wisconsin.

Boyle told Newsradio 620 WTMJ's Jodi Becker that she was in a hospital being treated for a medical issue.