Flyer targets Janesville teachers by name, salary

CREATED May 22, 2012

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JANESVILLE- Janesville teachers believe someone put out a flyer revealing their salaries because their union signed a contract before Governor Scott Walker's public employee reforms took effect.
High school history teacher David Parr's $74,220 salary is the district's second highest, according the flyer.  Parr is also the local union president.
"I believe I earn my money," Parr told TODAY'S TMJ4 reporter Tom Murray.
The sheet lists the earnings of more than 200 teachers.  It was anonymously slipped into residential Janesville Gazette newspaper boxes over the weekend.
"That does upset me, being called a radical," Parr said.
The Janesville School District signed a new teachers contract before Republican reforms that could force teachers to pay more toward their their benefits.
"That's what's got the public outraged about," said Orville Seymer of the conservative group Citizens for Responsible Government.  "Teachers are making a lot of money and they're the ones that are driving the recall."
Citizens for Responsible Government claims they only helped an anonymous group in Janesville file an open records to gather the earnings list.
The flyer urges parents to mail the district a cutout form if they want their student removed from the class of a teacher who signed the recall petition.  Administrators say they have not received any of those forms.
"What would I do with it?  It's going in the trash.  This means nothing to me," said Superintendent Karen Schulte.
Janesville Gazette editor Scott Angus is furious the anonymous group put the flyer in subscribers' boxes.  He wants to assure readers the paper is not behind the flyer.