Milwaukee alderman wants to eliminate city's water fluoridation program

CREATED May 22, 2012

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MILWAUKEE - An alderman wants to rid the city's water of fluoride. 

Fluoride is bad for you, according to Milwaukee Ald. Jim Bohl.
"There is evidence of all sorts of adverse health effects from the ingestion of fluoride," Ald. Bohl said.  "It is more poisonous than lead."

Bohl is introducing legislation that would eliminate the city's water fluoridation program.

"It would be a bad decision to do that," said Dr. Gary Stafford, the chairman of Marquette University's General Dental Science Department.   "Cities that have fluoridated water show a decreased amount of cavities in the population.  If you take it out of the water, there will be an increase of cavities."

A hearing on the measure will take place later this month, Bohl said.

"I will have experts who will say the exact opposite (of Dr. Stafford)," Bohl said.