Chisholm defends John Doe chief investigator regarding 'Recall Walker' sign

CREATED May 21, 2012

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MILWAUKEE- A "Recall Walker" sign posted in the front lawn on a quiet suburban street wouldn't be newsworthy, except the house is owned by the man who's the Chief Investigator in the John Doe investigation.
"I have no idea who this person is, so I have no comment on that because I don't know who it is," Mayor Tom Barrett responded.
The conservative group Media Trackers reported that chief investigator David Budde has the signs in his yard.
The Milwaukee County district attorney's office says Budde did not sign the recall petition, and that it was his wife, a county employee, who posted the sign.
In a statement the district attorney said, "I do not regulate or control the constitutional freedoms of my employees' families in their private lives. They have the right, under state law, and in this case, county civil service rules, to express their political views."
It's the same thing Chisholm stated when news broke that 43 members of the DA's office signed the recall petitions against Governor Scott Walker.
Meanwhile, Barrett is trying to shift attention back to Walker's role in the John Doe investigation.
"It's time he starts answering questions as to what his involvement was in this scandal," Barrett said.
Walker responded this is a move to distract voters.
"What this is from the Mayor of Milwaukee is a desperate attempt from a desperate campaign," Walker said.

The district attorney says Budde has acted professionally and independently for 26 years, and that any decisions related to the John Doe investigation are based on the evidence and not any political views.