Local man drops protest against restaurant's all-you-can-eat policy

CREATED May 18, 2012 - UPDATED: May 18, 2012

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THIENSVILLE- It's the story that everyone is talking about.  A man protesting a restaurant who wouldn't give him all-you-can-eat fish fry has been on talk shows, blogs and newspapers worldwide.

And now TODAY'S TMJ4 has a new chapter in this fish tale.

Bill Wisth has become an Internet sensation after his food fight went viral.  "I need more fish on my dish."

Bill Wisth called the cops on Chuck's Place in Thiensville last week and picketed the restaurant after they cut him off at a dozen pieces during an all-you-can-eat fish fry.  The story was too good to pass up for international media outlets.

"It's just been phenomenal, one thing after another, talk shows," said Wisth.

Chuck's Place banned him from coming back, but they're doing alright in the aftermath, too.  TODAY'S TMJ4 showed up Friday night for the famous fish fry, and it was a scene.

You may remember Elizabeth Roeming from TODAY'S TMJ4 story Monday.  She's a server at the restaurant and said the last few days have been a whirlwind.

"We've been on the radio all over the world, we've been on TV, we've been talked about on talk shows," said Roeming.

But Elizabeth Roeming said no matter how many hits online, they're not changing their down home ways.  "We get new faces in from town, but it's a local place that people just bring their family and friends to when they come to town."

And Bill Wisth is eating up every moment of his 15 minutes of infamy, that he can't believe is happening.

One of the many radio stations that interviewed Bill paid his tab for him.  They also bought him about 40 pieces of the fish fry.  He told TODAY'S TMJ4 he's finally had his fill, and he's decided not to picket.