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Police data on traffic stops shows large racial disparities

CREATED May 10, 2012 - UPDATED: May 10, 2012

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Click here to read the entire Milwaukee Police Crime, Traffic Stop and Subject Stop Data Analysis report.

MILWAUKEE - A report by the Milwaukee Police Department says African-Americans comprised the grand majority of traffic stops during 2011 in four of seven Milwaukee Police districts.

In District 7, 9 out of 10 traffic stops involved an African American driver in 2011.  By contrast, just 8 percent of people stopped in District 7 were white. 

In District 4, 86 percent of people stopped were black.  The number in District 5, 84 percent.  In District 3, 80 percent of people stopped were black.

Each of those police districts include areas where more than 50 percent of the population are minorities.  Some of those areas include 75 percent minority populations.

The report also says that both the victims of crimes, and the suspects in crimes, are most often African-American.

"Victimization rates in minority communities are reprehensible, and the most shameful disparity of all are the large numbers of people in specific neighborhoods that are victimized by high rates of violent crime," said Flynn at a City of Milwaukee Public Safety Committee Meeting on Thursday.

Flynn pointed out that while the department is increasing stops, complaints have gone down.

In District 1, which includes downtown Milwaukee, 54 percent of the people stopped were white.

In District 2, which is heavily Hispanic, 45 percent of the people stopped were Hispanic.