Packers QB to accept resolution making 12/12/12 'Aaron Rodgers Day'

CREATED May 8, 2012

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  • Aaron Rodgers. | Photo: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

GREEN BAY - The quarterback of the Green Bay Packers is accepting a resolution from the state legislature to mark his day in the State of Wisconsin.

The 12th day of the 12th month of 2012 will officially become Aaron Rodgers Day in Wisconsin when the Packers quarterback receives the honor marking the occasion tomorrow in Green Bay.

Jennifer Brilowski, who's from Stevens Point, will be there.  Seemingly just for fun, she started a social media effort.

"It's a fun surprise.  I started a Facebook page in the beginning of November.  The public kind of took it and ran with it, so I said, 'Let's have some fun and see what we can do.'  All of a sudden, the Assembly got a hold of it.  It was a resolution.  It's passed.  I honestly didn't think it would happen, but I'm glad that it did."

When she found out the state legislature was going to turn her Facebook idea into reality, she said she was in "utter disbelief.  I had no idea....I received a phone call, and I hadn't contacted the legislature.  I hadn't pursued it at all."

So now, Brilowski gets to join Rodgers and government officials who will officially proclaim December 12th Aaron Rodgers Day. 

The big question: what will the league MVP be doing on Aaron Rodgers Day?

"I figure I'll ask him tomorrow," quipped Brilowski.

But considering it's in the final month of the Packers' 2012 campaign, she says "it is deep in the season.  It's on a Wednesday, so I'm kind of hopeful that he's just kind of planning to do his job and get us to the Super Bowl."

In the meantime, she says lots of places around the state will offer Aaron Rodgers Day festivities.

"I know there's bars and restaurants and places that are planning their own celebration," said Brilowski.

Much of what's happening on Aaron Rodgers Day is leading to money for charities like the MACC Fund, all based on a small social media campaign that turned viral.