Veteran Milwaukee police officer discharged for using excessive force

CREATED May 7, 2012

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MILWAUKEE- Milwaukee police say that Police Chief Ed Flynn "discharged a veteran officer for using excessive force on a prisoner," according to MPD's online site "The Source."

The website says Richard Schoen, 42, was discharged for hitting a female prisoner that was handcuffed in his squad car back in September, 2011.

Police say that the woman was arrested after the woman became argumentative and used profanity during a traffic stop near N. 51st and Capitol Dr.

Upon arrival to the District 7 garage, the website claims the prisoner yelled that her leg was hurt.  Then, Schoen "Opened the rear passenger door and attempted to pull the prisoner out by the bottom of her shirt. He then entered the rear passenger compartment and struck her in the face. He grabbed her hair and pulled her from the squad. Once on the ground, Schoen delivered a knee strike to the prisoner's stomach."

Police say Schoen's actions violated their core value of restraint in their code of conduct

He worked with MPD for nine years.