New poll shows Walker and Barrett in dead-heat in recall race

CREATED May 2, 2012

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  • Gubernatorial Candidates Tom Barrett (D-Milwaukee), Scott Walker (R-Wauwatosa).

MADISON - A new Marquette Law School poll shows Tom Barrett with a 38 to 21 percent over Kathleen Falk in the Democratic primary.
The new poll also shows Barrett with a one point lead over Governor Walker among registered voters.  But Walker is ahead by one point among likely voters.
The poll indicates the recall election is looking more and more like a redo election between Governor Walker and Mayor Barrett. 
Former Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk campaigned in Milwaukee on Wednesday playing up her endorsement from civil and woman's rights legend Vel Phillips and playing down a new poll showing Mayor Barrett easily beating her.
"I think I'm going to win next Tuesday," said Falk when asked if she thought Barrett would be the likely winner.
Big labor groups are betting she wins too. They're spending more than $4 million on her campaign.
The Marquette poll suggest jobs is the number one issue with voters followed by defeating Walker and restoring collective bargaining rights.
Barrett feels confident about facing Walker. 
"I think most people in this state whether they are liberals or conservatives they are just tired of this stuff. They want someone who can end the civil war and I can end the civil war, " said Barrett.
Walker is also on the primary ballot next Tuesday. He's telling voters to stay the course no matter who he faces in June.
" The recovery is well on the way, said Walker. " We've got a long way to go but we've got to stay the course. We've got to keep moving forward."