Celebrity trend moves to Milwaukee

CREATED May 1, 2012

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Jessica Simpson is just the most recent. There’s Demi Moore, Christina Aguilera, and Claudia Schiffer, all moms-to-be that dared to bare. It’s popular in Hollywood and now, in Milwaukee.

Jennifer Nelson has a full belly. She’s thirty weeks along and she’s also come a long way in terms of her body image.

"The belly's okay. It wasn't okay a couple of months ago. But now I'm ready. I've never felt more beautiful in my life and I really wanted to document it," says Nelson.

In this case, beautiful transforms to courageous, vivacious, and for Jennifer, extremely maternal.

"I want to be able to look back and remember how I felt at this point. So close to the birth of our first child and remember how I felt inside," she explains.

Joy Vertz has captured thousands of moments at Shoot The Moon Photography.

"It’s something to just remember this experience. I mean, it happens so quickly," says Vertz.

She says when it comes to maternity photos, some women bare all like the celebs on the cover of magazines, other mothers, are more modest.

"I feel like if I were to see my mom's pics like these, I would be scarred. But I'm glad we'll have it for my husband and I,” says Nelson.

Regardless of who gets to see the final product, pregnant woman like Nelson, are proud of their babies and their bodies.

"I think you have to embrace it. It's very scary to begin with. So you just need to enjoy it."