Plant expert Myers warns of damage from hot, cold spring

CREATED May 1, 2012

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MILWAUKEE - Our hot and cold spring has made it a tough year for trees and plants. 

If your area has been hit with warm weather and then a hard frost while plants and trees were budding, you could be seeing some funky plants around your yard right now. 

"Any of the tissue that's exposed can be damaged.  That can cause holes in the leaves, almost looking like insects, but really, it's environmental," plant expert Melinda Myers told Newsradio 620 WTMJ's Jodi Becker.

She says it doesn't harm the health of the tree or plant but it can look annoying. 

Frost damage can also make tree leaves look like they have brown edges. 

Myers says if your leaves have spots in them that could be a fungal disease, but in most cases she says it's just a cosmetic problem.

Myers says you're welcome to bring in leaves or questions at her gardening demonstrations.  Click here for more information on those dates and times.