Report shows several mistakes in Wisconsin child protective services

CREATED Apr 29, 2012

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OSHKOSH - A published report says child protection workers statewide have made numerous mistakes that have led to children being hurt and even killed.

A review of state records by Gannett Wisconsin Media found counties failed to meet state child welfare standards in one-third of the most serious cases of abuse and neglect in Wisconsin in 2010 and 2011.

The Oshkosh Northwestern says reports from the Department of Children and Families show that the state determined that counties failed to meet standards in 46 of the 129 incidents involving abuse or neglect that were characterized as "egregious" from February 2010, when the reports became mandatory, through 2011.

Of those 46 cases, 29 involved guardians who had been reported to authorities at least once before a child was hurt or killed.