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Wisconsin gubernatorial recall election primaries less than 2 weeks away

CREATED Apr 25, 2012

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MADISON - The Democratic primary for the recall election involving GOP incumbent Scott Walker is less than two weeks away.

As Democrats prepare for the final stretch, Republicans might try to play the role of spoiler.

Five names are on the Democratic primary ballot, including one protest candidate - Gladys Huber, who has run in past recall primaries as a fake Democrat.  The Governor is also listed on the ballot along with protest candidate and fake Republican Arthur Kohl-Riggs

Polls suggest current Democratic Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett could have a better chance than former Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk of beating Gov. Walker.

That would leave Republicans the option of picking a weaker candidate in the open primary.

"Other people do it.  It's not the way I work," said voter James Balfe.

Other Democratic candidates include Secretary of State Doug La Follette and Alma State Senator Kathleen Vinehout.

Burlington GOP Assembly Leader Robin Vos believes some Republicans will pick the weaker candidate to give the Governor an edge.

"I'm not suggesting that...I'm sure some will.  It's an open primary," said Vos, who said crossing over could backfire with no organized Republican effort.

However, some voters aren't taking any chances with their single vote.

"For me, I'm going to vote for the guy that's going to win, and that's the Governor," said Craig Kaliebe, who voted absentee.

Three of the four Democrats in the Governor's race, along with other Democrats in other races, have been scheduled to appear at a forum at UW-Whitewater's Timmerman Auditorium in Hyland Hall.

It has been scheduled for 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday night.