Ear-buds pose safety risk for bicyclists

CREATED Apr 19, 2012

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MILWAUKEE - More and more bicyclists are wearing them all the time.  No, not helmets, ear-buds.  The tiny headphones that connect to smart-phones or mp3 players.

"Everybody wears ear-buds," said Jerry Pearce, owner of Rainbow Jersey Bicycles in Shorewood.  "It's definitely a (safety) issue."

"If a bicyclist is distracted, they're less likely to (notice) things in front of them or behind them."

It's not illegal to wear the ear-buds, but it is frowned upon.

"We discourage people from wearing headphones or ear-buds while biking," said Jennifer Binder, education director at the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin.  "Our culture is very 'plugged-in.'  Few people seem to want to enjoy the environment immediately around them."

Obviously bicyclists need to be aware of their surroundings while riding near traffic, but Binder believes ear-buds pose a bigger challenge on bike trails.

"Everyone is wearing them," she said.  "People 'zone-out' on the trails."

Pearce agreed.

"Many cyclists complain about rollerbladers with ear-buds," he said. Pedestrians wearing ear-buds may not hear a cyclist come up from behind them.

There's no law forbidding bicyclists from wearing headphones, just like there's no law requiring them to wear a helmet. 

Binder warns:  "The more senses you have to gauge the environment, the safer you will be."

Sage advice.  But is anybody listening?

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