Several unanswered questions surrounding controversial OWI arrest on Water St.

CREATED Apr 17, 2012 - UPDATED: Apr 17, 2012

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MILWAUKEE- Milwaukee's Police Chief Ed Flynn finally issued a statement on a controversial arrest on Water Street.

Police pulled a suspected drunk driver out of a car and punched him in the head.

Police have released two statements, but haven't addressed several questions put forth by TODAY'S TMJ4.

Video of this arrest by a Milwaukee police officer has stirred controversy.

Jeffrey Strasser, the man driving the Lamborghini, is on the ground as an officer punches him twice in the head.  In the video, you can hear Strasser tell the officer he's not resisting.

Police call the force, "focused" strikes to gain control.  Strasser and witnesses call it excessive.

Five days after the arrest, Chief Ed Flynn had this to say in a statement:

"The Milwaukee Police Department is conducting a review, as required by its standard procedures, of the police use of force in this incident.  After it is completed and reviewed by the internal affairs division and the chain of command, the conclusions will be shared with the public at an appropriate time."

Strasser and a witness told TODAY'S TMJ4 another officer had Strasser's hands restrained behind his back as he took the blows to the head.

TODAY'S TMJ4 made requests for dash cam video and a photo of the officer involved, but were denied.

When TODAY'S TMJ4 asked a question about the case during a police news conference on drunk driving arrests Monday, the department spokeswoman cut TODAY'S TMJ4 off.

The same spokeswoman again refused to answer questions at a news conference Tuesday about the incident.

TODAY'S TMJ4 wants to know whether the officer involved has been placed on desk duty or if he's still patrolling.

The same department spokeswoman didn't respond to TODAY'S TMJ4's emails or phone calls on the topic Tuesday evening.