Carroll University defends profanity-laced wall on campus

CREATED Apr 17, 2012

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WAUKESHA - Carroll University is defending a school-sanctioned wall covered in some of the vilest words imaginable.

Fraternity Pi Lambda Phi constructed the wall Monday and invited students to write on it names that they have been called throughout their lives.

"The organization wants to help raise awareness about all the prejudice that exists in society today," explained Carroll Dean of Students Theresa Barry.  "Then on Friday, between 3:00 and 5:00 in the afternoon, students or community members or whomever will have the opportunity to come and actually tear down that wall."

In the interim, however, a number of Waukesha residents expressed their anger at what they feel is inappropriate language in full view of young children.

"This wall is basically on East Avenue and there's an elementary school right there," one outraged Waukeshan told Newsradio 620 WTMJ's Charlie Sykes.  "These kids will have to walk by and see this? I can't believe they would do something like this!"

"When I saw first it, I thought it was vandalism," said a Carroll student who wished to be identified only as Zach.  "When you have an elementary school where there are kids who are five or six years old, this isn't like a middle school where the kids may have heard some of those words before.  These kids are completely impressionable."

Dean Barry, though, defended the university's decision to allow the project.

"It's allowing for a conversation about how hateful those words are and how we really need to work to eliminate those now," she said.  "Our hope is that [the young children who see the wall] would talk with their teachers, their family about it and what those words mean and how awful they are and how using them is so hurtful."

Pictures of the wall: