Violent arrest caught on Smartphone video

CREATED Apr 15, 2012

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MILWAUKEE - A man hit in the head during an arrest by Milwaukee Police last week could be charged with DUI this week.

The incident was caught on Smartphone video.

"Stop resisting, stop resisting," says the officer in the grainy video.

You can hear the officer shouting at Jeff Strasser to stop resisting. He had just been pulled out of his buddy's Lamborghini when a nearby witness shot the video. It looks like the officer strikes Strasser in the head twice while he was on the ground.

TODAY'S TMJ4 talked with Strasser by phone on Friday.

"I was not resisting one bit," says Jeff Strasser.

Strasser was arrested for drunk driving. Police tell us he almost hit pedestrians and police with his car in the downtown area. They claim Strasser resisted attempts to cuff him which is why they hit him with quote "focused strikes."

Other witnesses say Strasser did not resist.

He wishes things had played out differently.

"I know what happened is not right," says Strasser. "That's not how you make an arrest, by kicking the [explitive] out of somebody like that."

Strasser's attorney tells TODAY'S TMJ4 that he's thinking about taking legal action.