Wisconsin schools trying to make space at prom

CREATED Apr 15, 2012

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  • Meredith Frey and Andy Shepherd model used prom dresses at Thomas Jefferson School on Apr. 1, 2012. The "Project Prom Dress" event provided dresses for girls who could not afford them. Image by Mary Catanese

WAUSAU - Some Wisconsin schools are requiring students to sign a code of conduct that they will dance "appropriately" at prom.

In the Wausau area, high school administrators say an increase in sexually suggestive dancing has prompted them to have students sign papers that outline behavioral expectations before they attend dances.

The signed codes of conduct must be turned in when students at Wausau East, West and D.C. Everest buy tickets to their dances.

Everest students also must get their parents to sign the codes of conduct.

Associate Principal Joe Svitak says the dance code was revamped when "grinding" became a prevalent dance style among teens.

One student calls the code a good idea, because students then know what is expected.

But another doesn't think it's effective.