Deadly mini-van crash on Milwaukee's northwest side

CREATED Apr 15, 2012

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MILWAUKEE - A woman is dead and a baby has been rescued after crashing into a parked semi-truck.

The front end of a white mini-van sits underneath a parked trailer on Milwaukee's northwest side. That's where the van ended up after crashing into a loading dock at 94th and Flagg just off Silver Spring Road.

"I saw the brake lights were on and that wasn't right," Von Barker says. "When I came to the turn right there I saw the van was under the semi-trailer and it wasn't supposed to be there."

That's when Von Barker and his wife, Meri, stopped their car to help out.

"[We] went to the driver's side and saw that a lady was in there but she was out and unconscious."

Then, they heard a cry coming from the passenger side of the van.

"I looked over and saw a baby in the front with her and he started crying as soon as he saw me."

Meri then ran around to the other side.

"I just tried to hold his head because he was up against part of the broken part of the vehicle," Meri Barker says. "I saw an opportunity to get him out and I pulled him out."

It's believed the van lost control as it approached the corner.