Father comments on controversial DUI arrest

CREATED Apr 14, 2012

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MILWAUKEE - The father of the man who owns a Lamborghini involved in a controversial arrest caught on camera along Water Street Thursday says he's furious about what happened.

Harry Swanto Junior tells Today's TMJ4's Todd Hicks that police went too far when they arrested Jeffrey Strasser of Muskego.

He calls the video that has been circulating online disturbing.

Strasser has been close friends with the Swanto family for years and Harry Swanto Junior says Strasser jumped at the chance to take the Lamborghini out for a spin as friends partied downtown.

Swanto says anyone who has ever owned a Lamborghini knows that it's difficult to get out of the car.

He describes it as a horse shoe to get in and a horse shoe to get out of it.

Strasser is facing drunk driving charges.

Police say they tried to pull him over for driving without his lights on.

A witness says Strasser didn't stop right away.

Police accuse Strasser of resisting arrest.

Strasser remains jailed Saturday night.