Man arrested, struck by MPD officers tells his version of events

CREATED Apr 13, 2012

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MILWAUKEE- The man arrested and struck by Milwaukee police officers on Water St. is sharing his side of the story.

Police contend the man was driving a Lamborghini drunk, endangering public safety, nearly struck multiple pedestrians and uniformed police officers and resisted arrest.  But Jeff Strasser told TODAY'S TMJ4, "I was not resisting one bit."

Strasser said he's sorry he drove his buddy's car while drinking. His blood alcohol content was over twice the legal limit. He expected to get a ride home that night.  "I wasn't there driving the car to drive it home, i was actually trying to put the car in the parking lot."

Strasser said he didn't know how to operate the complicated car.  "I didn't even know how to drive this thing," said Strasser.  "I was in what they call the first gear the whole time driving this thing."

What happened next. -- is part of the viral video broadcast on the Internet.

Strasser says he was pulled out of the car.  "There was no question. Nothing asked," said Strasser.  "Just ripped out of the car, and immediately, I guess, being beat on."

The man has swelling around his face.  He now faces a citation for driving drunk.  Strasser wishes things had played out differently.  "I know what happened is not right, but...that's not how you make an arrest, by kicking the (expletive) out of somebody like that."

Investigators could charge Strasser with more crimes.  He has since hired an attorney to represent him going forward.  Strasser said it is too early to tell if he will take legal action against MPD.

According to MPD spokeswoman Anne E. Schwartz: 

"Milwaukee police officers made an arrest of a suspected drunken driver Thursday night, April 12 at about 11 p.m. in the 200 block of E. Juneau Ave. The suspect, Jeffrey R. Strasser (4-29-1972), was cited for Operating a vehicle While Intoxicated. The matter is under review for additional charges.
A police sergeant observed a reckless driver at Water St. & Juneau Ave. operating a 2008 Lamborghini in a manner that posed a danger to the public in the Water Street area. The sergeant, in a marked police squad, activated his red lights and siren and attempted to stop the vehicle. Strasser refused to stop. Strasser was observed operating with no headlamps, disregarding a stop sign and endangering the public safety by operating the vehicle in a manner that forced other vehicles to take evasive action to avoid collision. As Strasser pulled into a parking lot, he nearly struck multiple pedestrians and uniformed police officers.
Strasser eventually stopped and refused to exit the vehicle. Strasser was taken to the ground as officers removed him. One officer delivered focused strikes to gain compliance and control as Strasser was resisting attempts to place handcuffs on him. During the booking process, the 6'0, 200-pound suspect, in response to direct police questioning, stated he was not injured, had no complaint of pain and did not require medical attention .
Strasser was placed under arrest and about 90 minutes after the traffic stop, was still more than twice the legal limit with a Blood Alcohol Content of .19. Strasser has a prior OWI conviction from 1999."