Democrats claim to have documents linking Walker to John Doe investigation

CREATED Apr 13, 2012

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MILWAUKEE- New information on the John Doe investigation involving former staffers of Governor Walker -- when he was county executive.

Democrats argue the documents that show who hired Kelly Rindfleisch could be the key to the John Doe investigation.  The alleged documents show then-Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker signed off on the hire of two staffers now under investigation -- Tim Russell, who was charged with embezzlement and Kelly Rindfleisch -- the former deputy chief of staff charged with doing political work on county time.

"We believe that this is the smoking gun that shows that Scott Walker was right involved in these crimes that were committed in his office," said Democratic Party spokesman Graeme Zielinski to TODAY'S TMJ4.  "This is a very small office."

Questions arose during the investigation, as to who actually hired Rindfleisch.

In the criminal complaint, it described, "Kelly Rindfleisch was hired by deputy chief of staff Tim Russell in early 2010 to fill a position as policy adviser within the offices of the county executive.  When she arrived for her first day of work, chief of staff Tom Nardelli was unaware she had been hired."

Walker's always said he can't answer any questions about the John Doe and his campaign maintains Walker's signature can be found on many hiring documents.  They gave TODAY'S TMJ4 this statement:

"The document is a standard HR document that anyone hired would have to go through."

The John Doe investigation began when Walker's chief of staff asked the DA's office to look into missing funds.

Rindfleisch is scheduled for jury trial in October.