Meteor shower over Milwaukee area

CREATED Apr. 12, 2012

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  • Meteor spotted above Madison, WI on evening of April 11, 2012. Meteor enters picture at about 20:21:24. AOSS West Rooftop Camera Videos provided courtesy of SSEC and the AOS Department, UW-Madison More info and real-time videos: http://metob Video by


MILWAUKEE - There are multiple reports Thursday of a meteor in the sky over southeast Wisconsin.  Click here to see video.

The National Weather Service in Milwaukee says they've gotten phone calls and Facebook posts about a bright meteor that streaked across the sky last night.

"It's been reported in over five states, including Wisconsin.  It was reported over Southern Wisconsin at about 8:25 p.m," said NWS meteorologist Ed Townsend.

Sightings were reported in Iowa, Illinois, Indiana and Michigan.

"It was a brilliant, greenish color.  It tracked from the southwest sky to the north."

Our boss, Journal Broadcast Group Executive Vice President Steve Wexler, gave a similar description.

"It was as bright as, sort of, a green traffic light times 100 in terms of the illumination," explained Wexler about what he saw.

Witnesses have been posting on TODAY'S TMJ4's Facebook page.

One person who saw it says they thought it was a firework at first.  Another thought it may have been a shooting star.