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Former Sheboygan mayor allegedly committed sex assault twice at bar

CREATED Apr 9, 2012 - UPDATED: Apr 9, 2012

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WARNING: Graphic content (Victim's name withheld)

SHEBOYGAN - A criminal complaint against former Sheboygan Mayor Bob Ryan reveals the details of how he allegedly committed sexual assault against a woman at a bar.

The charges stem from an incident in Elkhart Lake in July of 2011.  It's the same weekend that Ryan was photographed passed out at a bar.

According to a criminal complaint, Ryan walked up behind a woman who was sitting at a bar, put his hands around her, moved up her stomach and then grabbed and squeezed both her breasts.

The complaint says she immediately screamed and told him to stop. 

Later in the night, he allegedly did it again. 

A friend eventually confronted Ryan.  That friend told investigators that he could do what he wanted because of who he was.

Other people in the bar say they saw Ryan touch the woman's breasts.  Ryan denied the allegations.