Bomb threat found at Hartford Union High School

CREATED Apr 4, 2012

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HARTFORD- A note was found in a bathroom of Hartford Union High School Wednesday afternoon, threatening to blow up the school. 

If it sounds familiar, it's because there has been a disturbing trend of events like this lately across southeast Wisconsin.  And in Hartford, they didn't waste any time taking action.  "It reminded me of columbine and all the recent school shootings," said freshman Tyler Simmons.

K-9 units, blocked roads, officers on watch -- that was the scene at Hartford Union High School Wednesday afternoon.  "My friend he was in the bathroom and he came back saying that there was a note in the bathroom saying that someone had a bomb and someone was going to blow up the school in two hours or something," said freshman Vince Skowera.

School officials alerted police immediately.  So, administrators told students to pack it up, and not come back.  "We always take this very seriously and would never put the safety of our students at risk," asserted district administrator Lisa Olson.

"They told us we all just have to get out fast after school and then they told us to leave right away," proclaimed freshman Travis Gettelman.

It's yet another scary incident at a local school.  Ross Menken was just arrested for a threat made at Franklin High School last weekSeveral girls were arrested for a threat at Greendale High School last month.  In Hartford, authorities say the person behind this threat faces a felony, and there's nothing funny about it.

"People need to understand it's not a funny joke and that it's going to be serious and there will be repercussions," Hartford Police Chief David Groves asserted.  And not just for the person responsible.

TODAY'S TMJ4 was told no explosive devices were found.  The school has been cleared, and will be open Thursday, operating as usual.  The chief wouldn't say whether they had any leads on who is behind this, but he did say it's still an open investigation and anyone with information should call his department at (262) 673-2600.