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Santorum says GOP contest only at halftime

CREATED Apr 3, 2012 - UPDATED: Apr 3, 2012

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MARS, Pa- Republican presidential contender Rick Santorum says the race for the Republican nomination is only half over.

The former Pennsylvania senator spoke to supporters in his home state Tuesday night after losing primaries in Wisconsin, Maryland and the District of Columbia to rival Mitt Romney.

But Santorum is predicting a win in Pennsylvania's April 24 primary. And he vows to compete in the rest of the GOP contests on the calendar.

Romney remains well ahead in delegates and is shifting to a general election matchup against President Barack Obama.  Santorum says he won't let that happen and is poised to win a series of contests in May.

The volunteers at Senator Rick Santorum's Brookfield office worked two phones at once Tuesd -- just to make sure they can get every vote possible.

"I really believe in what Rick Santorum stands for.  He has great values and he is, in my mind, truly the most conservative candidate out there," said volunteer Sarah Salzwedel.

If you've followed Santorum's campaign since Iowa, you might remember Chuck Laudner -- who drove Santorum around Iowa in a truck.  "Back in Iowa, when Rick (Santorum) was at the bottom of the polls, it was just me, him and maybe a staffer or one of his family members driving in Iowa in a pick-up," said Laudner.  That was 30,000 miles and 17 states ago.

Santorum left the Badger State Monday night to head home to Pennsylvania to campaign; his biggest local supporter is rooting the candidate on from Brookfield.  "He's so genuine," said state Sen. Grothman.  "I can't believe such a normal guy would have a chance at being the president of the US.  You can have a beer with him at the bar in Fond du Lac or Green Bay.  It's just like talking to any regular guy."

Volunteers say they've put in some long days in the last two weeks, and expect to be working all through Tuesday night, until all the numbers are in.

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