Red, White and Blue

Santorum says current trailing position against Romney 'ebb and flow'

CREATED Mar 29, 2012

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  • Image by MGN / Wikimedia Commons Gage Skidmore

Click here to listen to Newsradio 620 WTMJ's Charlie Sykes interview Rick Santorum.

MILWAUKEE - Republican presidential hopeful Rick Santorum is responding to new poll results that not only show him trailing Mitt Romney in Wisconsin ahead of the state's primary, but also President Barack Obama.

"This is the ebb and flow of the campaign," said Santorum on Newsradio 620 WTMJ's "Midday with Charlie Sykes."

"Two weeks ago, Obama was trailing.  These things will ebb and flow.  The idea that a poll in March has any real significance on what is going to happen in November is simply ridiculous."

As for Tuesday's primary in Wisconsin, the latest Marquette Law School poll shows Mitt Romney leading Rick Santorum 39 to 31 percent.

Santorum claimed the health care plan he implemented while Governor in Massachusetts makes it difficult for him to criticize President Obama's health care overhaul.

"Romney is uniquely disqualified to make that case, because he put forth an almost identical plan," said Santorum.

Still, Santorum is reiterating that he would be supportive of the GOP nominee, even if it was one of his rivals.

"What I said was I'd be willing to do anything to help the party.  I'm not running for VP, nor do I have a great desire to do anything other than to help the nominee."