More people claiming MPD performed illegal strip searches

CREATED Mar 23, 2012 - UPDATED: Mar 23, 2012

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MILWAUKEE- More people are coming forward claiming they were illegally strip searched by Milwaukee police.

Three alleged victims talked to TODAY'S TMJ4 Friday about those allegations.

Eight Milwaukee police officers from District 5 are under internal investigation, accused of performing illegal strip searches -- including cavity searches on the streets.

Kevin Freeman Jr. claims back in December he and friends were violated during a traffic stop.  "When they searched me they eased their hands right between my butt.  I tried to reach back and soon as I tried to reach back to stop them they slammed me on the ground.

His father Kevin Freeman Sr. said his son was 15 when that happened.  "I was outraged it was border line sexual assault to me," said Freeman Sr.

He did not file a complaint at the time, but now he regrets that decision.  "I just didn't want to bring more harassment on him," said Freeman Sr.

Police Chief Ed Flynn says the internal investigation started after they received several complaints over a couple years about the eight officers from District 5.

Freeman's son does not have a record, but many of those making the allegations do.

But despite the concerns, Freeman Sr. tells his son to respect police.  "I do because there are more good officers than bad," said Freeman Sr.

Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn recommends that if you have any additional information on these complaints, you can call:

MPD Professional Performance Division: 935-7939
Milwaukee Fire & Police Commission: 286-5000
Milwaukee County District Attorney: 278-4646