Alleged victims of MPD's strip searches speak out

CREATED Mar 22, 2012 - UPDATED: Mar 22, 2012

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MILWAUKEE- The investigation into the eight Milwaukee police officers involving strip searches from District 5 is bringing more alleged victims to speak out.

A man TODAY'S TMJ4 is calling "D" claims he is one of many victims the officers performed illegal strip searches on.

"They've done it to me several times and I've still never had a drug case," said D.  "How would you feel if somebody just pulled you over and pulled your shorts down and started touching all over your butt."

Those are the allegations at the center of the internal investigation that Chief Flynn discussed Thursday.

"People are scared to file complaint because it's going to make them get harassed more," said D.

One woman who lives in the District 5 says the illegal strip searches involve more than just men.

"They do it to females too.  I know several females in the area they've done it to," said the woman.  "In the middle of the street, it doesn't matter where you're at."

Milwaukee Common Council President Willie Hines called the allegations horrible.  "I must commend the chief for the job that he did in terms of acting swiftly but where there's smoke there's fire," said Hines.

And while Chief Flynn promises a thorough investigation, he wants the community to let them get all the details before making any conclusions.

"I ask the community not to rush to judgment and more will come in the day ahead.  Some will be true and some will be false," said Chief Flynn.