Waukesha company to investigate mysterious Clintonville booms

CREATED Mar 21, 2012 - UPDATED: Mar 21, 2012

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CLINTONVILLE- The mysterious boom in Clintonville is still shaking homes and people's nerves.  No one knows where it's coming from and they may never know.

A Waukesha company will be in the small town west of Green Bay in the next 24 to 48 hours to install monitors to measure the vibrations underground.  They're hoping that will lead them to the source of the booms and shakes.
"We just moved up like four months ago, so obviously we are a little freaked out," said one resident at a town hall meeting Wednesday night.
There was nervous laughter as Clintonville residents packed the local high school to find out what's being done about all the booms and shakes that have put this rural community on edge.

Rebecca Anderson says she is freaked out too. "Yep, very much. Yeah, it's freaking me out!"
Anderson was inside her boyfriend's Main Street business named Doesn't Compute when things started shaking on Monday.
"The computers sitting on top of the counters, you could see the counter shake.  I jumped up out my chair I thought they were going to fall off," said Anderson.

The mysterious booms are making national news and keeping local police busy with more than 500 calls in three days.  Finding out what it is, may take a super sleuth!
"At this point, I want to reiterate we hope to find answers for you, but it is possible we will never have a definitive answer," said Clintonville city administrator.

Residents have a lot of ideas on what they think is causing the problem, from the warm weather to wild conspiracies, but no one really knows for sure.
There's also talk of selling t-shirts to poke fun of he booms.  Some restaurants are talking about offering free shakes with burgers, so they're having a little fun with it.