Clintonville leaders to tell homeowners latest news about booms

CREATED Mar 21, 2012

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  • Clintonville meeting Image by Cody Holyoke

CLINTONVILLE- Residents of Clintonville will have a chance to hear the latest findings of city leaders Wednesday night at a high school gym.

Leaders plan to tell homeowners what they can, thought information is limited. 

Everybody in the city seems to have their own theory as to what is causing the booming and shaking.

Mailman Tim Klockzeim has heard his fair share of booming sounds since Sunday -- as the loud noise and shaking continues.

"In big cities, where they pound the ground and you can feel it move, that's about what it feels like," said Klockzeim.

With the sound still booming beneath the ground, residents have an anxiety they just can't shake, and they want answers.

"I have kids, for one.  I don't want anything to happen.  It's actually scary.  You don't know what it is to wake up to something like that," said homeowner Tammy Dankert.

City administrator Lisa Kuss said crews from Waukesha are trying to determine the source of the shaking; seismic detectors are on the way.  She does believe she knows what isn't causing the trouble -- and the list is long.  "Water, sewer systems under the ground.  You would think that would be the most logical.  You'd feel like your own piping system would be the culprit," said Kuss.

If you know anything that could help, you're asked to call Clintonville authorities.