Former state Sen. Galloway explains her resignation

CREATED Mar 20, 2012

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  • Pam Galloway

MILWAUKEE- Pam Galloway is explaining the rationale behind her decision to step down from the state Senate. 

Ms. Galloway's office announced on Friday, March 16 that she would be resigning from her 29th district Senate seat.  Ms. Galloway had been facing a recall election for her Senate seat.

"I have sick family members on both sides of the family -- my brother and my father-in-law" said Galloway in an interview with Wisconsin's Afternoon News with John Mercure on Newsradio 620 WTMJ.  She said she always vows to put family first.

"It was a very difficult decision because I had put a lot of work into getting elected," said Ms. Galloway.  "I closed my medical practice so I could devote 100% of my time to campaigning."

She was asked by John if the recall played a role in her decision.  "It was quite energy draining the first time around (winning the Senate seat)," said Ms. Galloway.  "I wasn't sure that I could commit to a successful campaign if I was to move ahead and devote the time needed to be with my family."

John then directed the conversation to emails she was sent by Wausau District Staff Representative and AFSCME Council 40 member John Spiegelhoff.

The emails Spiegelhoff sent to Pam Galloway included: "Calling her service in the Senate 'a reign of terror; and characterizing her work as 'immoral."

Ms. Galloway pointed out that Mr. Spiegelhoff wasn't one of her constituents.  "What he did was anything beyond I had seen," said Ms. Galloway.

She said his actions are part of a greater problem going on in politics currently, and particularly in the Capitol.

She calls it "harassment and intimidation masquerading as free speech".  She cited times during the budget repair bill battle where protesters and other people harassed her inside and outside of the Capitol.

Pam Galloway concluded the interview by saying that chronic offenders harassing legislators isn't free speech; something needs to done about those individuals.