Justice Prosser releases statement on ethics charges

CREATED Mar 16, 2012

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MILWAUKEE- Justice David Prosser has responded to the Wisconsin Judicial Commission filing ethics charges against state Supreme Court Justice David Prosser.

Prosser released a statement on Friday, shortly after the complaint was filed:

The charges filed by the Judicial Commission are partisan, unreasonable, and largely untrue.  They will be vigorously contested because I am innocent.  There are two essential points to consider: 

(1)    The incident at the Supreme Court on June 13, 2011, was significantly different from what the Commission has alleged.  There would have been no physical contact between Justice Bradley and me if she had not suddenly and unexpectedly charged at me from a distance of about six feet with her right hand in a fist.  By her own admission, Justice Bradley intended to confront me "face to face" "in [my] personal space."  She did not demand that I get out of her office until after contact had occurred.  I never intentionally touched Justice Bradley's neck.  I never "choked" her or put her in a "chokehold." Justice Bradley's assertions that I did are false.

(2)    The Commission has been patently unfair in its handling of this matter.  It has not been interested in discerning the truth. It has been committed to making a political statement.  The Judicial Commission is trying to accomplish through this prosecution what some of its members failed to achieve at the ballot box.

Each of these points will be developed in a future statement.