Ald. Donovan debates Juarez on illegal campaign finance allegations

CREATED Mar 12, 2012

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  • Alderman Bob Donovan. | Photo: TODAY'S TMJ4 HD

Click here to listen to the entire discussion between Wisconsin's Afternoon News, Alderman Bob Donovan and Benjamin Juarez.

MILWAUKEE- Milwaukee Alderman Bob Donovan is coming under fire for allegations of breaking campaign finance law.

Benjamin Juarez, a candidate running for 8th Aldermanic District, made those accusations Monday afternoon in a news conference.

Both Donovan and Juarez joined Wisconsin's Afternoon News with John Mercure to discuss the allegations.

Juarez claimed Alderman Donovan had over half a dozen violations.  Those allegations included donors who contributed more than the legal amount to Mr. Donovan; some businesses names and addresses not listed in the formal campaign finance reports.

Mr. Donovan responded by saying, "there was no crime here."  He then challenged Mr. Juarez to prove those claims.

Alderman Donovan said there have been instances where someone donated too much to his campaign -- and every time, Alderman Donovan said he has given the surplus money back.

Juarez argued Donovan didn't return the money quickly enough and failed to document dates and addresses for some donors.  Still, Donovan denies knowingly breaking any rules

Alderman Donovan then said of Juarez, "I think its more of an attempt to garner some attention to his campaign than anything about my finances."

Juarez deflected the claims were a ploy for more attention to his campaign. "This is about the city of Milwaukee, this is about the citizens of the 8th district," said Juarez. "Somebody has to stand up when it comes to this."

Mr. Juarez will be filing a formal complaint with the City of Milwaukee Board of Election Commissioners, the Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office, and will be sending a copy of the complaint to the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board in Madison, according to a press release.

During the interview on Wisconsin's Afternoon News, Juarez said he would send copies of those campaign finance reports to John Mercure and Alderman Donovan.